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Oddity Analytics

Detect unforeseen situations that impact your business

A system breakdown in a factory, excessive energy or water consumption, attempted fraud, unwanted employee turnover, customers fleeing to competitors, hoaxes about our products on social networks, the opening of a cybersecurity breach, product defficiencies...
These are specific, atypical situations that can be extremely costly and require the most advanced data science techniques to have them unraveled, solved and described through simple and expert dashboards.
In Oddity Analytics we are experts in managing atypical events.

An anomaly is an unforeseen, infrequent, unexpected or unplanned situation. These situations have a direct impact on the business, but are we able to quantify what it may cost to deal with this type of situation?
In Oddity Analytics we provide value through the discovery of these anomalies. We help our customers to increase their profit margin through the detection, characterization, prediction, analysis and explanation of unexpected events. We reduce or eliminate anomalies with negative impact and turn anomalies with a positive impact into established trends.


Any company or organization can benefit from anomaly detection.

Oddity Analytics helps you identify positive anomalies (e.g. users of an e-commerce platform with a high degree of profitability) or negative ones (e.g. households using appliances during peak hours of power grid congestion).
By actionable characterization of these anomalies and the design of efficient customer interaction architectures, it is possible to optimize costs, increase profits and improve the customer journey.

Pharma and Healthcare

Identification of infected persons and their contact networks, as for example in COVID-19. The information collected by wearable devices and other patient behavioral and mobility data can allow the identification of infections and the isolation of their close contacts.

Sport analytics

The prevention and appropriate treatment of injuries or the identification of factors that influence the improvement of sports performance are anomalies that can be detected from the information collected by the monitoring devices (wearables) of athletes during training.

Human resources

Detecting talent is not a simple task. Through advanced analysis with NLP techniques, Natural Language Processing, it is possible to extract valuable information from candidate records (resumes, cover letters, etc.). This automated initial screening allows for more efficient screening processes, filtering out the best candidates to continue the process with the Recruiting Technicians.

Last mile

Accidents, undesirable weather events and other delivery problems often occur in the last mile of the supply chain. Detecting them early will help route optimization, reduced claims and a better overall customer experience.

Behavioral cybersecurity

The human factor is the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Intentionally (hackers) or unintentionally (employees, customers or suppliers), the operation, assets or image of an organization can be compromised. Oddity Analytics evaluates information systems, detects potential errors and generates alarms to reduce risk.

Personalised marketing

Dedicate resources to those customers that generate a higher ROI, detect possible customer leakage ('churn rate') or implement the best cross-selling and upselling strategies. In Oddity Analytics we design specialized marketing actions to launch your business, optimize investment and achieve maximum customer loyalty.



With more than 20 years of experience, the team of Oddity Analytics is formed by a multidisciplinary group of specialists in the most current technologies of Advanced Data Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep/Reinforcement Learning, Generative Models, Natural Language Processing, etc.), Behavioral Economics and Visual Data Mining (Storytelling and Custom Dashboards).
It is a team with experience in multiple industries: Banking, Pharma, Insurance, Environment, Industrial Production, FMCG, Transportation and HR Consulting.

Our experts

Vanesa Fernández Membrillera
Vanesa Fernández Membrillera CEO
José Enrique Vila
José Enrique Vila Technology Partner / Prof at UV / Scientific advisor at DevStat Specialist in statistis and behavioral economy
Emilio Soria Olivas
Emilio Soria Olivas Technology Partner / Full professor at UV Specialist in advanced data analytics, ML and DL
Marcelino Martínez Sober
Marcelino Martínez Sober Technology Partner / Full professor at UV Specialist in advanced data analytics, ML and DL
Juan Gómez Sanchís
Juan Gómez Sanchís Technology Partner / Prof at UV Specialised in visualization and data science
Ruth Gamero Cruz
Ruth Gamero Cruz Business Partner Specialist in Business Finance and Sales Excellence
Miriam Gamero Cruz
Miriam Gamero Cruz HR Partner Specialist in HR and people analytics
Manuel Sánchez-Montañés
Manuel Sánchez-Montañés Technology Partner / Prof at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Specialist in AI and advanced data analytics.
Raúl Marco Guardiola
Raúl Marco Guardiola Technology Partner / Enterprise architect, platforms enablement Big-Data architect, AI and ML.
Angel Alberich
Angel Alberich Technology Partner / CEO at Quibim
Jorge Navarro Clerigues
Jorge Navarro Clerigues Technology Partner / VP of People & Culture at Quibim Specialist in People Analytics and recruiter of high performance teams
Rafael López González
Rafael López González Technology Partner / Data Scientist at Quibim AI expert
Ana Jiménez Pastor
Ana Jiménez Pastor Technology Partner / Data Scientist and R&D engineer at Quibim AI expert
José Sánchez García
José Sánchez García Technology Partner / Data Scientist at Quibim AI expert
Alejandro Mañas García
Alejandro Mañas García Technology Partner / Technical lead at Inditex Architect and software developer
Eduardo Jesús Camacho Ramos
Eduardo Jesús Camacho Ramos Technology Partner / Technical Lead at Quibim AI, image analysis and software infrastructure expert
Fabio García Castro
Fabio García Castro Technology Partner / Head of product research at Quibim Imaging biomarkers and quantification methods


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